Autogénna Technológia

Heating Table

GRIFLAM® Heating Technology 

StableCut for manual gas cutting

Mechanical sliding device for manual gas cutting

GRIFLAM® Flame Straightening Technology

Optimal fort he targeted insertion of heat without applying mechanical force

GRIFLAM® Flame Soldering Technology

Optimal for every hard and soft soldering task

Cylinder regulators for all technical gases

Assembly of cylinder regulator



Plasma and oxyfuel cutting


Compact plasma cutting machine

MetalMaster 2.0

Plasma and Oxyfuel Cutting


Compact oxyfuel- and plasma cutting machine

MetalMaster Xcel

High performance and excellent quality


Two cutting heads parallel vertical

LaserMat II

CO2 laser cutting machine



Plasma bevel unit for ELEMENT platform


Compact plasma bevel unit with 5 axles

Plasma Cutting

OmniMat® Process Optimisation for Plasma Cutting

Pipe Cutter PTC500

Pipe cutting system PTC500 from Messer Cutting Systems

Race of the Processes

Oxyfuel-, Laser-, Plasma-Cutting 25mm

Multi Process MultiTherm

MultiTherm® with Skew Rotator Delta / HPR400XD, ALFA torch, OmniScript stylus marker, drill head with tool changer and 12-tool magazine

Videá zákazníkov

Bretagne Oxycoupage

On course for growth with new machines

Merwestaal FAT

Successful machine acceptance test with our customer Merwestaal

Byworth Boilers

Messer Cutting Systems presents Byworth Boilers

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