Service today and tomorrow: Machine maintenance by App or with remote glasses


Messer Cutting Systems sets new Benchmarks

Many machines in industrial production processes can nowadays be monitored and operated “remotely”. But manual work is still necessary in some cases literally to set switches. However, what if such cases are especially urgent and additionally suffer from limited access? What if an unplanned machine stoppage undermines production efficiency and immediate action is the only possible option? With “Visual Service” Messer Cutting Systems GmbH shows how help can be right at hand, even from a distance!

A situation from which every production manager has suffered: time is tight; production is running – until the moment when a plate on the cutting machine tilts, the alarm lights go on and production grinds to a halt. Now ad-hoc help is required. “Whoever has this happen to a Messer machine may think himself lucky despite the misfortune. As, depending upon which maintenance option they have selected, we will help them very quickly via maintenance app or even with special remote glasses to hands-free ‘self-help’”, says Thorsten Leidreiter, Service Manager Europe at Messer Cutting Systems GmbH in Groß-Umstadt.

So far and yet so near

Regardless of how large a factory is: the highest priority is to have the production always loaded to the optimum and at the same time to reduce maintenance, or even downtime, to a minimum. With the “Visual Service” from Messer Cutting Systems this has now become a step easier – and, above all, faster. Time consuming fault descriptions can be reduced to a minimum, as the Messer support experts can switch directly into the working field of the machine operator and have the operator’s perspective displayed. If service visits should be necessary then these can be prepared optimally and the downtime minimised by an order of magnitude. “Now the customer only needs to open the app on his smartphone or tablet, authenticate himself with his QR code and pass on the access code displayed to the support employee. The real time support starts already”. Thus Joscha Kern from the Messer Support Team describes the process.

The Messer experts see exactly what the customer sees – and that in real time. He can send him photos, record videos and both can talk to each other. Once the fault has been localised, the service member explains what needs to be done to clear the fault with the customer as fast as possible. “Wherever we have installed this system so far, the customers are delighted. Because, just when access to the factory is no longer so easily possible, we are still as close to the action as absolutely possible with our service!”, rejoices Andre Heim, Customer Support Manager over the success of “Visual Service”.

Knowing the score, all-round action radius

But Messer Cutting Systems have gone one step further and have developed the appropriate solution especially for tasks where both hands are urgently needed: voice controlled remote glasses. “With this the customer on the spot becomes part of our diagnosis team. With remote access we can localise the problem exactly and talk to the customer with the hands-free function, which even works reliably in loud production shops. Because he has both hands free, he can even carry out complex operations himself under our guidance. For example when we show him where in the control cabinet something must be replaced”, explains Niklas Pilz from the Messer Support Team.

The smart function of the remote glasses makes work dramatically easier for the customer and for the service experts. Thus a built in lamp can be switched on and off simply with voice commands. The camera has a zoom function, to magnify even small components and thus optimise the error search. The Messer support technician is present “live” during all operations and gives instructions exactly what is to be done. “Videos and photos can be stored at will so that they can be replayed at any time. Even training videos can be played, references sought in the operating manual and much more “, describes Boris Wichmann from 2nd Level Support.

The Service makes the difference

Messer Cutting Systems is the trail blazer when it comes to complex networking of modular software systems, powerful equipment technology and user oriented Human-Machine-Interfaces (HMI). That this digital approach does not end with customer care and machine maintenance is demonstrated by “Visual Service”. “Our goal is to apply the virtual service as often as possible: this saves the customer time, optimises the use of the resources of our specialists, by converting travel time into support time, and even protects the environment, as we minimise car journeys. With our app and the optional remote glasses we are always on the spot quickly, whenever the urgency or the situation precludes being present in person!”, states Thorsten Leidreiter.


Photos: Messer Cutting Systems GmbH

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Caption 1: With “Visual Service” Messer Cutting Systems GmbH shows how help can be right at hand, even from a distance: With the app on Smartphone or tablet, real time support from the Messer support staff works quickly and simply.

Caption 2: Thanks to the app, the Messer expert sees exactly what the customer sees – and that in real time. Via photos, videos and conversation, the error is localised fast.

Caption 3: Especially for tasks where both hands are urgently needed, Messer Cutting Systems still has an ace up its sleeve: the voice controlled remote glasses. It is camera, microphone and monitor all in one and is the direct interface to efficient service.

Messer Cutting Systems: špičková technológia viac ako 120 rokov

Messer Cutting Systems je globálny poskytovateľ špičkových technológií. Spoločnosť ponúka produkty a služby pre kovopriemysel, ktorý stanovuje štandardy po celom svete. Ako priekopník v priemysle dodáva strojárska spoločnosť kompletné riešenia a strategicky sa zameriava na poradenstvo svojim zákazníkom a na inovácie zamerané na zákazníka. Dôraz je kladený na digitalizáciu procesov a výrobkov. Spoločnosť má viac ako 800 zamestnancov na 5 hlavných miestach s výrobnými závodmi a vo viac ako 50 krajinách.

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